Monday, April 29, 2019

"Wait, what?" (Hey, Hailey:Part One)

     I sigh at the fact that it's windy on such a nice day, but I'm cut by the sound of eighth graders walking behind me. But I brush it off because I was listening to music. Then I hear someone yelling to try to get someones attention. "Hey, Hailey!" kept hearing but it got closer and closer and soon a boy from my eighth grade class was standing right in front of me with his hand out. I look up and down at his hand and back at him, and I knew what it meant when someone puts their hand out, it means to give them a hand shake. So I gave him a hand shake and he just ran back to where his friends were and I was just thinking, "Wait, what?" I was so confused at to what had happened. "Does he think my name is Hailey?" I ask myself. But I let it slide and continue walking.

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