Tuesday, May 14, 2019



     showing a great deal of variety; very different

     Why might I be giving you the definition of diverse? Well, person reading this, it's because that is not what this school is. Now I'm not trying to get everyone to dress like me or whatever because dress how ever you want, but not always what LITERALLY EVERYONE is wearing. But there are some kids who do dress different then everyone, which I appreciate them, but not everyone does because they think that they're weird just because they don't look like anyone there. Even in like sports, it has been raining for two weeks so we stayed inside and we got to pick what we wanted to do, so of course I choose basketball, but then I am the ONLY GIRL playing. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. And since I'm the only one playing, the boys are always messing with me or my ball-which is pathetic if you ask me. But then again I enjoy being looked as different then everyone, even a girl one time told me that she likes to play basketball too and she said that none of her friends wanted to play with her, so she asked if she could play with me, one on one. I WAS ECSTATIC! I really enjoyed that, but she didn't play long which like I don't even care because at least we played for a bit. Also my sister and I wait outside of my school just because I can't drop her off early like at 7:40 or something like that just because no one is out to watch her at her school (which is literally like 5 mins. to walk because their right next to each other) so we wait outside until 7:53, ANYWAYS so we wait and watch kids walk inside and we see the same shoes, the checkerboard Vans or just Vans. Now I'm not saying you can't wear them but like show you own spin on them or something. Like once Alina (my sister) and I saw 5 girls walk into to school and they were all wearing white Vans. Now I really hope that was planned because if not-then I don't even know anymore. So yeah, that's it I have nothing else to say. You know I really don't know how to end these thingys...OH WELL bye :)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Little Update

     So I feel like my grades have been slipping. I have never gotten this many twos IN MY LIFE! Also the school day is longer, we start at 8:00 and end at 3:23. Like I used to wake up at eight sometimes. But the good thing is that lunch over here is WAY better. I overheard some kids saying-and I quote, "Ugh! This lunch is disgusting." And I'm just like-to myself, "Have you seen the lunches at my other school?" Anyways, another good thing is that on June 11th I get to go with the all of 7th grade to Noah's Ark, which I've NEVER been to before. So I'm happy about that. Also-no yeah that's it----WAIT! I finally got to read The Hate U Give this year. It was such a good book. Now I guess that's all I have to say. Till the next blog post, people who are reading this. :) (I have a computer so can't use emojis, HA that's funny..)


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Another Day

     I walk into my ELA class the next day, after the incident that happened the day before, and sit down in my seat, which just so happened to be right across for Bob.* I get my thing out for class and start reading my book. At the corner of my eye I see someone walk past I look up to see Bob sit in his seat and get his things out for class. i find myself staring at him but then quickly look down at my book once I see that he looks at me. I feel as if someone throw water on me then it disappeared.

     After class, I had 8th grade lunch so I walked quietly to my locker and through all of my stuff at the bottom of my locker, grab my ID and two falcon dollars for recess. I wait for my friends to walk by so I could walk with them to lunch. As my friends and I waited to get called to lunch we talked for a bit. Then to teacher says, "Alright, you guys can go get lunch." As she puts two fingers on the table and points to the where the lunch is with her other hand.  My friend Sarah and I get up and to the pizza line, after we got pizza we both grabbed a milk and headed to our table. "Look there's Hailey." Some kid calls out from behind. I hesitate to look behind but I found myself looking at an 8th grade boy standing next to Bob. I turn away and sit down and pretend that nothing happened.

     *That's not his real name

Monday, April 29, 2019

My Whole School Day

     1st Hour: Advisory (Homeroom, 2 days a week) Empower Hour ( It's like have Study hall and stuff like that and I have it for 3 days a week)
     2nd Hour: Art (B days) Music (A Days)
     3rd Hour: Science
     4th Hour: Language Arts
     5th Hour: Math
     6th Hour: Reading
     7th Hour: Gym (A Days) Spanish (B Days)
     8th Hour: Social Studies

     They call it Hours and the class is only 45 mins. So that's my day over here. :)

"Wait, what?" (Hey, Hailey:Part One)

     I sigh at the fact that it's windy on such a nice day, but I'm cut by the sound of eighth graders walking behind me. But I brush it off because I was listening to music. Then I hear someone yelling to try to get someones attention. "Hey, Hailey!" kept hearing but it got closer and closer and soon a boy from my eighth grade class was standing right in front of me with his hand out. I look up and down at his hand and back at him, and I knew what it meant when someone puts their hand out, it means to give them a hand shake. So I gave him a hand shake and he just ran back to where his friends were and I was just thinking, "Wait, what?" I was so confused at to what had happened. "Does he think my name is Hailey?" I ask myself. But I let it slide and continue walking.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rant about school over here

     So I have been here for only one whole week plus two days and through all of that time it has been good then bad. Good because...there was no good. Bad because of the teachers. And I'm not talking bad or trying to disrespect but there all just bitter and they yell to much. Now I understand that some students make that happen but not every second of the class, and I have 8 classes so that means 8 teachers to deal with everyday! Everyday I have 8 classes! I loved the teachers back at Heritage. Sure they yelled sometimes but they were all cool-I never thought I would type those words. I miss them because you could like mess around-to a point-which was so fun and that's what made want to come to school everyday. So yeah that's I have to say.

Friday, April 12, 2019

"Hey, Hailey!" What's it About

     So these events really did happen, and for a reason I don't know, but I'm just going to tell you what it's about. So there was this kid in one of my classes and the name of that kid I won't tell-for his sake. Also to be a little more specific he was in my 8th grade class. Anyways he-wait we should give him a name..lets call him Bob because it's easy to spell and it's funny so...Bob would call me Hailey in the hallway or after school and stuff like that, even his friends would call me that too. So I'm going to write kind of like a story about this-or series if you will, about the events that happened. So yeah that's it,and expect this story or new chapters to come like every week I guess. That's all I have to say about it, also I wonder if he's going to read this or not..THAT would be something right there.


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