Monday, February 26, 2018

Slice of Life 🍊

   “What is this answer?!” I said looking a the bright iPad screen as I make a death stare asking my self “What is this?” “Yes!” “No!” “Yes!” “Yes!” “No!?” Taping through the answers on NoRedInk. “Ms.Haury! Can you help me?” “Sure let’s see.”

   “I think it’s that one.” “You better be right Ms.Haury.”

Friday, February 23, 2018

Argumentative Essay

    The argumentative essay is that Women and Men should have the same sports! For example we have the Woman Halfpipe and the Men’s Halfpipe. What can’t we just have the Halfpipe with Women and Men?  Here’s an example of this Argument. If you watched the video you kind of saw why they did not like the idea of her playing the schools football team. Reason ONE- According to this website Women/Girls are more achiever then Men/Boys. How? Well Women are more likely to have high paying jobs. Also professional jobs so why can’t they play in football,hockey etc?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Should We Wear Uniforms?

     Should We Wear Uniforms?  Now I don’t think we should have uniforms considered that I go to a school that requires uniforms and I don’t like it at all! So if you go to a school that has a dress code or requires uniforms then you know how it feels to be “restricted” in what you wear. In most cases girls are targeted because of tiny skirts, tang tops, ripped jeans etc.. But they don’t nessissarily tell boys what to wear as much as what girls wear. So in conclusion I don’t think that we should not have uniforms!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Snow Day!❄️⛄️

     What I did over the weekend was play in the SNOW, with my sister of course we built a snowman and jumped in the snow! It was just really fun and my mom kinda played with us. OH! My sister and I had a snowball fight in our backyard, that was fun too. So that’s what I did over the weekend in the snow!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Killer Whales Should be in Captivity!

     Now you might be thinking from the title “Why would you want to keep Orcas(Killer Whales) in captivity?” Well I’m writing about the opposite option which means I don’t want them to be in captivity. Anyway....

     Some reasoning why Killer Whales should be in captivity is that we can see them! We can just go to them zoo to see Orcas and have to go out to the sea to see them. That’s one reason.

     Second, they make us happy. When trainers work with them they make the trainers happy and love there job. So I hope that you are convinced that you want Killer Whales to be in captivity!

Story Time!

 When I was living in Wisconsin my mom,older sister and my younger sister walked to this park,Bon or Bom Park it was called, and while we were walking we saw a tiny little turtle!

   “AWWWWWWWWW..!” My family and I said.

  “Mom can we keep it!?” Alina said(little sister)

 “No,why don’t we put it in this in here. Then put it into the river ok.*give us a purple container*

“Ok” my sisters and I said

     So we took the turtle to the park and set it free. I remember that we named it Squirt like the turtle from Finding Nemo. It was so fun taking it to the park and the next day telling my friends what had happen. So that’s the story of the turtle we found!


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