Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Incentive DAY!

   Our incentive day is tomorrow (Thursday, the 21st of December 2017) and I’m really excited for it . I chose the electronic room so that my friends and I could watch a movie on one of my tablets. So yeah that’s all I have to say about the incentive day tomorrow! That’s all I have to say and leave a comment about your incentive.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


     Ok so Forgivness is really nice do some times. Like if your mad at a friend or something goes wrong. You want to be the bigger person and forgive them for what they did. Also you don’t want to stay mad at someone forever do you? If you do that’s fine but if you don’t then try and talk to them about what happen and it will probably end well. So that’s it for this blog I hope Gus enjoyed and I’ll see you next time

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Second Quarter Goal

My Second Quarter Goal is to get better grades on my math tests. Also to do really well on my M.A.P tests too. Then to read some nonfiction books in E.L.A and to read a lot more books then first quarter.  Then also to try and turn in my home shares. And also to do ALL my homework. So that’s what I’m going to try and accomplish in this quarter!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


     Honest means to tell the truth. Now it may br hard sometimes but you have to be honest. Now i can tell you that I’m not always honest, about 99.999% of the time I’m honest but that 1% of me lies........(that’s actually a really small amount). So i really encourage you to be honest!

     Thank you for reading this blog. Hope you leave a comment and ill see you next Bolg!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Funny Story

So I was in a tree at my house and my sister liked to climb the tree. So I was on the tree and FELL FACE FIRST. After that I felt dizzy and then had to lay down. But my sisters laughed there eyes out.

Friday, December 8, 2017

M.A.P. Testing

     We had M.A.P testing at school and I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!! Then we this isentive were we have to get a higher score then what we did in the fall. So after taking all of them I did really good on them. For the reading test I want up 10 points IT WAS AMAZING! Also for the math test I went 7 points and what funny I got a 222 on reading and math it was weaird. On the language arts test I went up 5 points which was cool. So that’s my week doing M.A.P. Hope you enjoyed!

Slice of Life🍊

     About 20 minutes into the trip we got hungry, so we stopped at Culver's. I got the kids meal and so did my little sister, while my mom got a salad. My uncle paid for our meal. We took our number, it was number 34 and then sat our table. Once we got the food, I started eating as if I’d been stranded on an island and haven’t eaten in years. With my meal, I get a free ice cream and luckily I saved my French Fries so that I could dip it into the ice cream(yea it’s weaird but I like it). So I went up to the counter and asked for vanilla and cookie dough bits on top, my sister asked if she could have chocolate and cookie dough bits on top too. So after they served our ice cream we sat down again to finish eating our food. Then we were walking to the car I was really excited (I’m being sarcastic😜)about having to wait and sit down for a whole another two hours.

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Superhero

My Superhero is called...... Out Of the BLUE  but her real name is Jen because she loves the color blue and she come out of NOWHERE! Then also mainly because she can shoot ice out of her hand. It’s pretty cool.....HAHAHA get it cooooool HEHE. Okay. Anyways she has Blue hair and Brown eyes and also has a really high salary too. She’s always nice to everyone. I hope that you enjoyed this blog. And I think that you will she more of Out go the BLUE!


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