Monday, March 18, 2019

Who’s Your Favorite Artist? (Sol 2019)

     “Snuggles,* who’s your favorite artist?” “Uh..” I was hesitant, “Billie Eilish.” There was a long silence, well at least it felt like it. “Oh my gosh Snuggles, I didn’t know you related to her?” Ayanna says. I chuckle, “Yeah I do.” “What’s your favorite song? Mine, right now are when the party’s over and lovely.”  I reply quickly, “I like when the party’s over too but I also like bellyache.” I smile as I say that because finally something my sister and I had in common. Especially since I haven’t talked her in years.

*Snuggles was my nickname that my family gave me. I told them to stop calling my that when I was about 9 but my sister didn’t listen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Red Scarf Girl (Book Clubs)

     The book I’m reading is the Red Scarf Girl and so far I really like the book. I think that it tells the story really well. But sometimes the time line is like all over the place so at time is gets a little confusing. But over all it’s really good. For my Book Club I think that the conversations we have are really good. We keep the conversation going to the whole time and I really enjoy it.

     The people in my group are Kimberly,Mia,Sarah and Citlali. I think that Sarah does a really nice job on saying, “Well what if?” or “Maybe..” Which I think really helps with the conversation. Citlali does a nice job on elaborating on what others say and putting her own ideas in. Mia is really good at listening to what others have to say and adding on to what others say. Kimberly is really good at relating things back to other books or things she has seen. So I’d say that I really like book clubs and the people in my group.

Art Block (Sol 2019)

       “Ugh!” I say as I look at a blank piece of paper with a pencil in my hand. “There is nothing to draw.” I thought. I sit there in thought to a few seconds then..“Wait!” I shouted. I had an image in my head, a profile picture of a girl with bangs and big eyes with a small nose and full lips. “But wait..where do I start?” I say with frustration.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nothing (Sol 2019)

     Sitting in my cold seat after just walking up the long stairs because we took a 7th grade group picture. “Uhm.” I thought. I open a new tap and click My Blogs Literally to look back at my old slices I did back in 6th grade. I cringe at most of them. “Nothing.” I thought. I sigh at the fact that I have nothing to write about. Then I thought, “I might as well write about this because a Slice of Life doesn’t have to be interesting.” So I just started writing about what happened.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Artist v.s. Other People: Who Are You Drawing?

Other People: “Oh I’m just drawing a relative.”

Artist: “Uh, I don’t know. I was just drawing and this cam out.”*

*Since I’m a fellow artist, when someone asks me who I’m drawing I say I don’t know because I think most artist don’t know what or who their drawing. Also it gets a bit annoying because I know the person asking means no harm but if you keep asking it gets a little annoying. So yeah..that’s it.

My Thoughts On: Reading

     You know I actually enjoy reading. I know to most kids my age are just reading for their homework but for me it’s just for the fun of it. And for me I have to be interested in the book other wise I will not give it the time of day. I don’t know if it’s just me or.. But anyways, I love to read especially romance novels like Five Feet Apart, The Fault in Our Starts and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which all of these books I recommend.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My Thoughts On: Thoughts

     Is it just me or it’s kind of weird that like you can talk to yourself in your head and no one hears you. Like you’re probably not reading this out loud you’re reading in your head and only you can hear. Like that’s cool but weird, or it’s just me, I don’t know.

Who’s Your Favorite Artist? (Sol 2019)

     “Snuggles,* who’s your favorite artist?” “Uh..” I was hesitant, “Billie Eilish.” There was a long silence, well at least it felt like i...